resistance and futility

January 22, 2008

Some things I do when I’m at home and I’m avoiding getting work done.

  • Get out the compressed air and and clean the crumbs out of my keyboard.
  • Get up and go into the kitchen, open the cupboards, close the cupboards, open the fridge, close the fridge, then go back and sit down. Repeat in 20 minutes or 10, depending on how deeply I’m trying to avoid the task at hand.
  • Search the web for some red Adidas Beckenbauer sneakers.
  • Trim my finger nails.
  • Read all the Tanque blogs.
  • Read a bunch of other blogs I check on a semi regular basis.
  • Dust my desk.
  • Browse the personals and look at the raunchy photos craigslisters post in casual encounters.
  • Trim the cat’s nails.
  • Organize my play lists.
  • Search the web for old friends who’s last names I can’t remember.
  • Walk to the little store around the corner and look at the snack food, which I used to eat a lot more of, Oreos and HoHos being perennial favorites, but since December I’ve been trying to bring a lot more attention to what I’m eating so now I do more looking and less eating.
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