let someone else say it

January 28, 2008

I’m angry and sad right now and don’t want to talk about it in any detail, because if I did it would just be long version of fuck it. So instead I’m offering up some quotes.

  • From: Kissing the Lipless by the Shins
  • Berate, remember
    Your ailing heart and your criminal eyes
    You say you’re still in love
    If it’s true, what can be done?
    It’s hard to leave all these moments behind
  • From: Silence by P.J. Harvey
  • I’d risen this morning
    Determined to break
    The spell of my longing
    And not to think
  • Last up from: Shatter by Liz Phair
    I don’t know if I could drive a car
    Fast enough to get to where you are
    or wild enough not to miss the boat completely
    Honey, I’m thinking maybe
    You know just maybe

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