sunset + rain + ash

May 19, 2011

The days are getting wonderfully long. Dusk happened around 9pm tonight. The fact that it was sunny made it all the more amazing. Long days are one of the things I love about Portland. It also got up to around 70 today, which was perfect weather for the bike ride home. We have such a long ass spring out here and this one’s been chilly. So when things have warmed up on the fews days that have been over 60, it’s felt like such a luxury.

Strangely I haven’t minded the rain that much. At least not yet. I say strangely because March and April set some records. March was the 5th wettest March on record (I’m not sure how long the “record” dates back). Total rainfall for April was the third-highest in 71 years. However if that pattern of precipitation continues into July, I’m sure I’ll be losing mind.

Today is the anniversary of the eruption of Mount St Helens. That fact plus the huge trees, vast stretches of wilderness and all the massive rock formations make me feel like I’m living right on the edge of the prehistoric. If prehistoric was accessible via bike.

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