free music saturday

February 3, 2008

I was looking in the moleskin I carry around in my back pocket, thinking I’d written something really profound in there that I could ruminate on here in my blog. But instead there’s mostly random notes about freelance projects, sneaker stores I wanted to check out when I was in NYC and SF, a list of graphic novels to check out, the theme of a dinner I’m hosting next week, and a reminder to pay my rent. So here’s an oldie but a goody. I think it’s the first song Matt and I wrote together, lyrics by him and melody by me: sold out teenage screamfest.


5 responses to “free music saturday”

  1. peptide says:

    is it still up? i can’t seem to download it.

  2. ned says:

    yeah, i can’t either – don’t leave us hangin!

  3. proteanme says:

    oops. looks, like in my haste i had the wrong link. fixed now. gratified by your interest.

  4. peptide says:

    i love it. thanks for posting! very tuneful

  5. proteanme says:

    thanks, pep!

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