good friends + good food = good times

February 8, 2008

I’m always pleased to see Rachel, Pat, Clint and Kelly, and even more so to see them in the context of sharing a good meal and talking over the last book we read together. A couple nights ago we shared a really fabulous meal at Wong’s King Chinese Restaurant. If you come to Portland go there and get in line for the best dim sum in town.

Here’s a quick recap of dinner:

  • Appetizer recommended by the server: Lightly deep fried, but not greasy, tofu cubes with multiple spices served with a white vinegar dipping sauce. Peppery, crunchy, and silken on the inside. These were sublime.
  • Clint picked: Short tip pork ribs in garlic sauce served on a small bed of lettuce, scallion and black bean. Succulent.
  • Liz picked: Dry green beans with minced pork. Fresh ingredients and just the right amount of oil raised the bar on this old stand by.
  • Author recommended: Cod and tarrot root stir fry with a light sauce that really show cased the vegtables and fish. This was the biggest surprise for me in tasting so good.
  • Author recommended: Crispy garlic chicken where I guess they pour deep fried oil over the chicken and then serve it in some kind of sweet and salty dark sauce. I almost never eat chicken when I go out, but this rocked my world.

3 responses to “good friends + good food = good times”

  1. Clint says:

    That tofu was outta sight. It was a good time.

  2. Bell says:

    It was great to see all of you and eat a dang good meal.

    I think the tofu dish was called “multiflavor” tofu. I will definitely eat that again.

    The green beans were superb. Glad we dodged a bullet and missed a dousing of brown gloop there. Actually, I didn’t have any flashbacks to mediocre middle America Chinese food. Everything was seasoned nicely – nothing hidden in thick starchy sauce – and tasted incredibly fresh.

    Of all the items we ate, my mind keeps going back to the ling cod. The texture was just really fabulous. And the taro chips were a nice textural contrast to the subtle and silky texture of the fish.

    Looking around the restaurant after our meal, one thing that really stood out – all of the multi-generational families dining together. Some really great people watching!

  3. proteanme says:

    great recap rachel. some really nice food writing. surely you must be keeping a food blog i’m not aware of.

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