what happens when i get sick

December 21, 2011

I am sick. Sinusitis. I thought I  just had a crappy ass cold, but then yesterday I added a fever, chills, sore neck and aching face parts to the copious amounts of phlegm I’d been producing so today I headed to the doctor. Sitting up in the waiting room and in the office just about did me in. I kind of wanted to cry, but yay antibiotics! After just 1 dose and a longish nap, I’m starting to feel better.

I don’t get sick that often, but when I do my mind spins out in couple different ways. One, I think what if this is something worse, like today I got the idea of meningitis stuck in my brain, even though I clearly didn’t have most of the symptoms. Among other things, this led to Ween’s Spinal Meningitis song playing over and over in my mind. Two, I think how did people survive gulags and concentration camps and forced marches, etc. when they were sick. It seems so impossible, but somehow at least some percentage did survive. When I am sick, I think I would not be in that percentage. Sometimes, I also wonder why we never hear about the president being sick. Not just Obama, but any president. Even if it’s only a one term president, he must get sick enough at least once or twice in 4 years that he has cancel meetings and lie around in his presidential sealed pjs drinking tea with honey and lemon. Or maybe he gets some kind of crazy super inoculation shots as soon as he takes office.

Going to bed now.

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