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March 17, 2008

Except for personal projects, self-expression has no place in design, but constraint is vital to design. No component fuels creativity more than constraint.

I went to a fundraiser/show last night called a Naughty Little Cabaret. It was a spectacle, but likely not the kind they were hoping for. There was a youngish drag queen, very energetic and kinda hot. At one point she was down on all fours, doing this sexy do me from behind thing. Looked promising. But when she got up she somehow (and I missed the transition) she ended up kicking her legs around alot in what looked like a river dance gone awry. After that I had about 5 minutes of missing all the great drag queens I saw at Bullwinkles as a young butch in the 80’s . There was this one in particular, Vicky Lane, that we got to watch start from scratch and then become the “it” queen. She was so hot; everybody had a crush on her. She did a number once with this 6 foot boa constrictor. Yeah, it was MTV, and it sounds trite now, but MTV was new then.

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