dating: a soundtrack

March 20, 2008

That’s right I’ve been dating. The more I date the more specific I get about what I’m looking for, which is frustrating because in general I’m just not finding it, except for this one girl (“girl” being her word) and I can’t really tell what’s gonna happen there. I know I want someone who’s got some details about ’em that I can dive into. And I mean authentic details, not the kind that just get performed. Not that performance isn’t fun, it’s just there’s gotta be something going on underneath it. Obviously, I like my women willful, a little larger than life, sensitive, smart and quirky. And hot, of course. And now I’m thinking gimme some imagination too, but temper down that self-involvement with a little humility and still be ambitious about making being alive special.

I’ve been thinking about this music mix that this girl I like made for me, and it’s perfect in that it grabs my attention and pushes at me, but it’s not so greedy that I can’t get caught up in these kinda heartbreaking details, a cello coming in, a note extending just a little bit longer that I thought it could stretch, a piano line that builds on itself then fades. I think that’s what I’m looking for in a date.

I had this fantasy I was gonna turn myself out as a stud. Date and fool around. But without the right details I can’t quite get it up, so to speak. The last cutie who showed me any detail was working the check out at New Seasons on one of those foxy lady shopping days, and she noted how I put the heavy stuff first and then reminded the bagger to take notice and divide the heavy stuff up between sacks. It was almost kinda hot.

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