lovely sunset day

August 21, 2012

I am giving myself a 10 day challenge to write a blog entry every day for 10 days in a row.

It is a lovely sunset day. I am sitting in my house and looking at clouds that are lit up all pink and orange in the west edge of the sky. I even made Remy look out the windows upstairs because it sunsets are fleeting and I wanted to let her know this is a good time of the year to watch them and also that this house is great for sunset watching.

Beautiful sunsets never get old. They never seem trite or cliche either, which makes me happy. I am really glad that sunsets and thunderstorms and rainbows and mountain meadows and sunflower fields and big waves and old trees and all the other small and stunningly large parts of nature seem immune from becoming corny or routine or stale. I say bring on the obvious and the beautiful and the impermanent.

I am working on some new poems, one is about self delusion and one is about cell phones and the end of the world and another is about being butch. We’ll see  what I end up with. In the midst of the the poems, I’m looking for titles in the body of email exchanges I’ve had over the last several year. It’s possible something you once wrote  me may get title-ized.


4 responses to “lovely sunset day”

  1. RU says:

    Can’t wait to read the poems

  2. RU says:

    And yay sunsets!!!

  3. rswanson says:

    Who’s Remy?

  4. proteanme says:

    Remy is a friend who also lives in my house.

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