me friday

March 28, 2008

Posted some old photos of me, mostly young butch, even with the long hair I think. It was 1972 and all the cool guys I knew had long hair. I wanted to be a cool guy.


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  1. pep says:

    i so wanted to be a long haired guy of the early 70s – but that was the mid-80s, when i grew my hair down my back. now i’m bald – which i’m comfortable with. but i’d love to have the option of a snazzy silver crew cut, like they one you’re sporting.

  2. proteanme says:

    dang, you’re too nice. you have a flickr account right? i’d be so psyched to see you with some long hair. cause i’ve only seen you bald. yeah, long hair in the 70’s was so cool to me. the priest (we were episcopalian) at my church let his hair grow, and his two sons had long hair too. in fact, i think alot of the acolytes had long hair. dazed and confused does a pretty god job of capturing that 70’s long hair.

  3. David says:

    Love the pictures – miss you – I wanted long hair as well but the pubes I have in the back would always curl up giving a rather nasty looking bush I thought looked cool – very sad – I think that is why to this day I’d rather have a shaved head then my previous bozo incarnation…

  4. proteanme says:

    what up david. i’ll call you for sure. pubes on your head. i see you’re still funny.

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