check morning. 1-2-3. check.

October 11, 2012

I am trying an experiment. Posting first thing in the morning. I’ve only hit the snooze once,  compared to  my typical routine of hitting it at least 4 times. All of  my life I’ve never been good at getting up. Sasha is already scratching and meowing outside my door.  She is nothing if not consistent about wanting to be fed. It is chilly and quiet.  I really need to take the fan out of my window. There’s hardly any traffic on my street at this time in the morning. There was a bus a few minutes ago and maybe a big truck just now. I can hear the low hum of something outside that makes me think my neighbor has their furnace on. I really need to replace my thermostat this year. Put in something I can actually program. It is amazingly dark . Winter dark. I am remembering how the barista at Heart said she gets up at 4:30am. I’m picturing the early morning runners, with their breath hanging in the air, finishing up their last 1/2 mile. Hearts pounding. Legs loose. Sweat underneath whatever layers are keeping them warm this morning. I almost never did morning runs when I ran. Legs too tired. Plus 5 minutes into it and I’d often have to turn around and run home to hit the john. Sometimes I can’t believe I ever ran.

I am thinking of MTB for a second and wondering if she is up  now too and checking the weather and thinking about the rain which she told me is sure to happen soon.

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